14 Aug 2018

Is your business in a workplace rut?

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workplace rut

Messy papers piled on an office desk

Is your business in a workplace rut? Here are some examples that your growing business might need new software tools to better manage your needs.

As a business grows it’s unique needs and day to day tasks tends to increase as well. Because of this, many business owners recognize the value of using technology to help address some of these common challenges. Unfortunately, it is quite common for “off the shelf” software to only offer incomplete or partial solutions to these problems. Additionally, software that worked previously may quickly become insufficient as your business continues to evolve. Therefore, continuing to use the same pre-built software or “Apps” may be holding your business back.

Below are a few signs that your business might be in a workplace rut:

  • Reliance on paper processes
  • Scattered sources of information
  • Reliance on complex spreadsheets
  • Significant manual data entry
  • Unique business needs are still unsatisfied from current software
  • Lack of real-time information for key business data

If you answered yes to any of these points above your business might be in a workplace rut. Thankfully custom-built business software is no longer out of reach due to the affordable and easy to use FileMaker® platform.

FileMaker is a Workplace Innovation Platform, that can create custom-specific apps for your business both quickly and affordably. Better yet, it is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. so it is easy to use and supports industry standard technologies, security, and integration.

As an Apple certified FileMaker Developer I specialize in building custom FileMaker apps for in-house business use. These custom solutions help to automate and streamline daily tasks for business owners and employees alike. Whether you are currently using FileMaker or wanting to know more about this powerful platform, I am happy to offer a free consultation to learn more about you and your specific business needs.

Don’t stay in that workplace rut, contact me today to find your own solution!