27 Dec 2018

Hosting for your WordPress website Demystified

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Having worked with (and fixed) various WordPress websites over the years, I am well versed with the number of ways you can host a WordPress Website. Below are some tips and recommendations when deciding to purchase hosting for a new WordPress site.

Regular Web Hosting vs Managed Web Hosting

When it comes to building and sharing a website using WordPress you need a HOST or server to essentially store and display your site when people navigate to it. Think of it like purchasing a plot of land to build a house on, in our example, hosting is the plot of land and your website would be a house we want to build on that land.

How big of a house do you want? Do you want to build multiple houses on this land? What if you decide you want to build a second or completely different (ie not WordPress) house later, will the same plot of land allow you to do so?

WordPress (ie Managed) Hosting

Some people simply want to ‘move in’ and would like to have someone else build, maintain, and manage all of their hosting and ‘back-end’ WordPress details for them. This type of ‘Managed’ hosting is by far the quickest and easiest route to get you up and going using WordPress. WordPress.com or any type of hosting that specifically identifies as ‘WordPress Hosting’ are all forms of Managed Hosting. Downsides are that you usually have to pay the same amount per website with managed hosting regardless of the storage used by your existing site. Also, if for some reason you need to move your site, some managed hosts do not make the process easy, and they may prevent you from accessing or editing certain aspects of your website.

Basic Web Hosting

On the other hand, any kind of Simple or Basic Web Hosting plan can also be easily used for WordPress websites. Despite what you may think, installing and setting up WordPress on such ‘traditional’ hosting plans is really not that difficult. Also, such no-frills hosting plans will generally be similar if not lower in cost, and will usually provide you or your site developer with more control and back-end options than what managed hosting plans often provide. Want to host multiple websites on the same hosting plan? No problem. Want to host something in addition to or instead of WordPress? No problem. Need to easily view, edit, backup or move all of your website files? No problem, with regular web hosting, you really do come out ahead in regards to options.

Wait, so you are saying use WordPress but NOT WordPress.com?

In most cases, people do not need hosting from WordPress.com, and they will frankly have more options and control over their site if they host their site using a traditional hosting plan and NOT via WordPress.com. Indeed, getting basic web hosting from iPage.com, Name.com, or BlueHost.com will be more than adequate to meet all of their WordPress needs and more.

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