Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

(i.e. how to improve your website’s visibility online)

Your website represents a small island in the vast openness that is the ocean of the internet. The chance of someone simply discovering your site without explicit directions (like your site address or business name) is almost non-existent.

Conversely, if you invest some time and capital into promoting your site to organically attract the attention of search engine algorithms like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, they will start to direct travelers your way as you become part of a particular ‘digital trade route’. Some people’s strategy is to simply ‘bribe’ the major search engines by purchasing ‘Ad Words’ (essentially paying them to show your site when users search for a particular term or phrase), but not only do such costs tend to keep getting bigger over time, but if you ever stop paying them ANY and ALL Ad Word results will instantly disappear and provide absolutely NO long-term benefits for you or your site.

No one thing will keep your website in the forefront of visibility online, it is a process that requires constant monitoring and updates as the currents of the world wide web are constantly changing. But with a tried and true process of ranking comparison and reporting, I can actively measure your website’s search rankings and help you make decisions based on behaviors and trends and NOT just a hunch or gut feeling. Transform your website from an uncharted island and into a flourishing port of call so you can keep growing your business and providing your value to the world.

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