Hosting for your WordPress website Demystified

Having worked with (and fixed) various WordPress websites over the years, I am well versed with the number of ways you can host a WordPress Website. Below are some tips and recommendations when deciding to purchase hosting for a new WordPress site. Regular Web Hosting vs Managed Web Hosting When it comes to building and.. read more →

Is your business in a workplace rut?

Is your business in a workplace rut? Here are some examples that your growing business might need new software tools to better manage your needs. As a business grows it’s unique needs and day to day tasks tends to increase as well. Because of this, many business owners recognize the value of using technology to.. read more →

Hey Colorado, get your learn on!

Free Digital Learning Have you ever wanted to learn a new software program like FileMaker Pro, or Adobe PhotoShop? What about key concepts like How to Run a Small Business? Well, a pay for use Online Learning and Video Tutorial site is COMPLETELY FREE for Denver Public Library users!! FYI: ANY Colorado resident or student attending.. read more →

Domains and hosting servers, do you need them?

Often I am asked by clients what are the differences between a website domain and a web server or ‘host’, and are both of them truly necessary for a website? The short answer is yes, all websites, even free to build websites using online website building platforms like Weebly or Wix NEED a server and I will talk.. read more →

Free 2017 FileMaker Dev Con Session Materials

Hello all, If you haven’t already heard, the ENTIRE course schedule and documentation (including sample FileMaker demo files and classroom slides) from the 2017 FileMaker Developer Conference are ALL available online for free. See this link: **Note: access may require creating a free FileMaker Community account** read more →

The War on Passwords

Almost every day I come across a personal acquaintance or client who gets frustrated when their smart device or computer suddenly asks them to enter a password. While most of us can understand why passwords are so necessary, we generally don’t like being locked out of our technology when it suddenly stops working due to.. read more →

Spreadsheet Hell

A humorous video showing the common denial of a business outgrowing the usefulness of spreadsheets, and where FileMaker can save the day. Video provided by a fellow FileMaker developer and friend Michael Rocharde. View this video and more on his website read more →

Welcome to Howard Solutions

Hello and welcome to the Posts page for Howard Solutions. Here I will post various tips and tricks, instructions, and even company news or product updates that I find relevant. If you find yourself wanting to request a topic, please feel free to send me a suggestion via email and I’d be happy to consider.. read more →